Kathy Goerman


Hello. My name is Kathy Goerman. I work with a variety of clients who want to enrich their lives, reduce personal or relational distress and suffering, and increase their vitality in life. I treat anxiety, depression, life transitions, grief & loss, PTSD, trauma, and relational/developmental trauma. I work with adults (ages 18+) in individual, couples and family sessions. I am an LGBTQ+, and poly friendly therapist. 


I look beyond the individual to include the interplay of bigger systems in my client’s lives, and how this may be affecting them individually. I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, meaning I incorporate knowledge around the nervous system, stress responses and how they are stored in the body and can impact health, to help clients move towards growth and healing. I integrate mindfulness, insight building, solution-focused and compassion-based approaches. 


I see therapy as a collaborative process between practitioner and client and work with my client as we map a therapeutic path together. My hope is that through therapy, my clients will connect with inner resources and skills that they can take forward with them to support living fulfilling lives.