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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
Ketamine IV Infusion
Consultation with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Director
Client completes paperwork and receives a brief medical evaluation
1-2 hours of Psychological Assessment
60-90 minute Psychiatric Assessment and Medical Assessment with Psychiatrist
3-10 hours of Psychotherapy
1-2 hours to prepare for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
1-2 hours intake session to prepare for IV infusion
3-4 hours Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Session with Primary Therapist, Secondary Therapist and Psychiatrist on Premise of in room
IV Infusion 4-6 times without psychotherapy
1-3 hours Integration and Follow Up Psychotherapy Sessions
Providers Collaborate with Other Providers
Return to Primary Psychotherapist and continue to capitalize on material from KAP session
Cost Approximately $2350
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