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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
Ketamine IV Infusion *
Consultation with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Director
Client completes paperwork and receives a brief medical evaluation
1-2 hours of Psychological Assessment
60-90 minute Psychiatric Assessment and Medical Assessment with Psychiatrist
Psychotherapy (hours tailored to your preparation needs)
1-2 hours to prepare for Ketamine medicine session
12 hours worth of clinical attention (two psychotherapists and one MD) per medicine session
IV Infusion 4-6 times without psychotherapy
Integration Psychotherapy (hours based on your needs)
KAP providers collaborate with your current health providers
Post treatment planning to discuss continuity of care, continued need for services and collaboration with current provider team
$2350 for initial course of treatment

 * Ketamine IV Infusion services and prices reflect information gathered from a survey of listings on providers' websites.

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