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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and IV Ketamine Treatment


The scientific field of ketamine therapy is rapidly expanding and evolving with new research published every month. There are multiple empirically validated methods of delivering ketamine-based treatment. The two primary formats are Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) and intravenous (IV) ketamine treatment.


The most appropriate approach depends on the client’s particular needs, intentions, and preferences. For clients seeking KAP, Winding Path is here to assist you in exploring that possibility. Winding Path does not offer IV ketamine treatment.


What are the differences between KAP and IV Ketamine Treatment?


IV Ketamine Treatment relies primarily on the biomedical benefits of ketamine for a variety of mental health conditions. In our opinion IV Ketamine Treatment fails to capitalize on the opportunity for the profound psychological transformation that we believe is possible in the KAP model.


IV Ketamine infusion clinics typically provide medical monitoring by a physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, or medical assistant. Patients may be left alone during infusions. There may or may not be access to a psychedelic guide or sitter to offer basic support in the event of a challenging experience but they typically do not incorporate psychotherapy directly in the treatment model.


KAP at Winding Path


At Winding Path our board-certified psychiatrists provide medical screening and support for your KAP experience while our psychotherapy team takes this a step further. Our highly trained KAP clinicians incorporate evidence-based psychotherapies, body-centered interventions, and ketamine-specific techniques to help you maximize the potential of your KAP session.

Beyond what is offered by a sitter or guide, KAP at Winding Path is embedded in a comprehensive healing plan within a months-long therapeutic relationship. Our clinicians are licensed psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists with advanced training in using ketamine as a catalyst for deeper healing.


The team at Winding Path will coordinate your care with your existing treatment team as it fits your situation to comprehensively and collaboratively support your healing and growth.


Why Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and not IV Ketamine Treatment?


We believe that most traumatic events and life stressors that lead to symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and other diagnosis all have the common element of experiencing a sense of being alone in a time of need.


Did you feel safely connected and highly supported, defended and protected during stressful life events or during childhood? Most people suffering from the above challenges did not. Instead, the trauma or inciting event was due to a toxic relationship experience and/or an experience of aloneness.


These adverse childhood experiences are often a predictive factor in later mental health diagnoses. Therefore, we believe it is important that the therapy does not mimic the aloneness that lead to mental health symptoms in the first place.


At Winding Path you will never be left alone in a KAP session. You are medically monitored throughout and accompanied by a seasoned, licensed provider who has taken the time to know you, your story and your therapeutic and healing needs. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy at Winding Path Psychotherapy is embedded in a psychotherapeutic relationship of trust and safety. This is paired with other forms of healing that deepen and anchor the work in the mind and body. 


Winding Path Psychotherapy: A Body Centered Psychotherapy Clinic. The body in KAP.


The importance of our clinicians’ holistic approach, including being body-based psychotherapists, cannot be underestimated. Current and cutting-edge research informs us that the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and many other mental health symptoms are most often accompanied by somatic (Soma=body) distress. It is well documented that our bodies are equally affected by the events that lead to our mental health symptoms. In the words of the internationally recognized neuroscientist Candance Pert,  “Your mind is in every cell of your body”. The incorporation of body centered, and safe touch interventions is for some people the crucial missing piece in so many attempts at wellness. Approaching mental health through the body should only be done by clinicians who are extremely well informed and trained in such modalities. Here at WPP our group of clinicians are trained in Somatic Experiencing, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Hakomi, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, SomatoEmotional Release, Gestalt and other body centered and touch-incorporating psychotherapeutic interventions.

At Winding Path Psychotherapy, we see you as a person and not a number or a diagnosis.  We take the time to get to know you and honor your uniqueness as a person and your specific healing needs. We provide expert, personalized care to all our clients.

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