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Laura Almond


Hello, I’m Laura, a licensed professional counselor and substance abuse therapist with over 20 years’ experience providing therapy for people struggling with life and relationship difficulties, addiction, mood disorders, and trauma. My approach is collaborative, person-centered and strengths based. I strive to create an environment that is nonjudgmental, safe and affirming of each unique person and identity. I would be honored to support you in exploring and making meaning of how your beliefs, behaviors and experiences impact your overall well-being and relationships. Understanding these personal patterns is an important step towards self-empowerment and healing.

I am also a certified psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist providing ketamine-assisted therapy and integration sessions. As an adjunct to traditional therapy, ketamine accelerates and deepens the connection with one’s inner wisdom. The expanded state of consciousness allows us to step out of rigid and habitual ways of relating to self and others, and to find greater meaning, purpose and passion in life. Scientific studies have demonstrated encouraging results as a treatment for depression, addiction, trauma, and many other clinical issues. Please reach out for a free consultation to explore if ketamine-assisted therapy is right for you and how we might work together.

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